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Recorded at the Gradwell House in Gloucester, NJ from December 2001 to March 2002.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.


released January 1, 2003

Dave Damm, Phil Apostol, Steve Poponi, Scott Rumble with Nora Harmelin, Jeff Mott, Derek Kotter and Kyle Costil.



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upupdowndown New Jersey

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start was a band.

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Track Name: You Landed So Gracefully
It's not your fault that I managed to see, how you fell but you landed so gracefully, and half the time I was standing so still, I don't want you to catch me but I know that You will, have you heard the story of my two best friends? One was me and the other was all my things, and in the house where I used to be from I am nothing and nothing is #1, take your turn at the end of line, I'm finally first but I'm waiting for some friends of mine, how's that song go about who you are? and how everything's changing but I haven't changed so far.
Track Name: I Know You'll Find Out I'm a Geek
It's entirely up to you what we do tonight, cause if it's left up to me I know you'll find out that I'm a geek with a lowercase g, and I'm trying to hide because I wouldn't be seen with a guy like me, what a wonderful way to start my day, because it's 1PM, and I'm me again, I wish you followed my career and collected every card by year, the crowd is roaring away just down the street from here, sit down and wait for me, it's just like playing a game to me, as long as you fight along I'm happy to be around
Track Name: My Argument Precedes Me
In trying to make up what I have lost, a million seconds passed, so i'm imitating time, landing tricks that I can't land, have you seen my knees? be kind, I'm trying not to hide that I'm horrible, but I am not aware of anything around me, like me until it's too late to say, my argument precedes me by half an hour easily, if you're wondering why i'm screaming at me

I'm shaking with nervousness at what I'm to ask, what's this all about how gullible am I?

I guess it's impossible to predict what's next, old habits seem to find a way to latch on to you and I
Track Name: As Usual
How dare I have opinions about what I've been given? I'm hired and you're fired in everyone's life tonight, my hat's off to those guys and now my hair is in my eyes, as usual to me, It's been so long since I've missed, now I'm feeling like I should have kissed, my only friend is only friendly, we're only friends because you'll let me, as usual to me.

Despite your fights and friendly promises you'll fall asleep and I''ll laugh because I never took you seriously.
Track Name: Help Me Fix My Bike
In time I'll grow up to be a man, I know he won't help me fix my bike or my life, in a terrible town I've shown that I can't hold my own and definately not yours, I'm sure, how can I ever talk about it? How can you always talk around it? have a nice time some other time
Track Name: Is That A Terrible Thing To Say?
Talking me away from a half-hearted argument Sunday, with the time I kill today I could have gone out and been seen for hours, please don't forget me like I'd forget me if I were you, I'm looking at me today and hoping for what I'll be tomorrow, is that a terrible thing to say? because I'm trying and dying for anything