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released January 1, 2004



all rights reserved


upupdowndown New Jersey

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start was a band.

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Track Name: Are We Seeing This?
are we seeing this? or is it just my broken brain's invention of tension on this chaotic day
are you seeing this? or is it just me?
if you want a piece of me you know where i live so you came come and give it and i'll come and get it
Track Name: Dear Erica
dear erica i'm glad you thought about us
we thought about you and talked about you
i would have never thought that you would have recognized me now
i feel so different and i know that i am
the picture of you guys in your truck
is the only memory of that time of mine
and you asking if he was happy made me sad
Track Name: I'm Growing Out
im not a man on the move, im always eating or sleeping
and ive got nothing to prove, never trying so thanks for lying
to your friends and your family about why im not around
im not proud of it and i wont grow out of it
so what do you wanna do tonight
cause im growing out, im not growing up
what youll want to do to me is animate the face i make
my eyes rolling backwards and all around town
what do you mean that we should lie to everyone about tonight.
you wanna make a bet ill win it back before i lose it again
im growing out, not growing up
Track Name: Out To Get Me
why you comin' after me? i didn't do nothing wrong
except stand tall in the face of danger i'd leave the scene
i might be afraid, no i'm terrified of the things at night out to get me
and me getting killed in an alley is just what i need
and a boring night alone with me is just what you need
mike mcnelis sings: that's just what i need, a mess of their making
Track Name: Track 5
between you and me we got one chicken and a wannabe who wants to be me.
between me and she as things go deeper i really wanna see what she sees in me.